We have supplied various sorts of premium quality boiled ham for more than 25 years now to the catering industry,
retailers, wholesalers, bulk consumers and also as part of meals for various institutions,
for instance as pizza toppings and for a host of other industrial applications and uses.


Our hams are processed in numerous shapes and delivered according to the specific wishes of the client, in fixed weights,
with 4 pieces in each package.

Thanks to the efficient method by which they are processed, the storage life of various hams is approximately 6 months.

 Much smaller, conveniently-sized hams are processed for supermarkets and retailers.

All products are available as bulk or loaf shapes for slicers.


It is of course possible to have a say or participate, since we always take your specific wishes with respect to shape, weight and taste into account.Let us all be proud to say that Berbo-quality is the best in all the Veluwe!

BERBO The organic production of meat products

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