In 1980 BERBO launched the processing of
meat products, ham, sausages and smoke bacon.



  The Catering industry
We make exquisite premium quality ham at very competitive price for
the catering industry.

We supply ham in various weights, dice sizes and also in slices. 


We process ham that is meant to be sliced fresh, for supermarkets and cutting lines.
We can also offer special hams and products at fixed prices. 


We supply various sorts of ham for ready-to-eat meals and pizza toppings, salad ingredients and dressing or sandwiches. 



Modern machines guarantee constant quality as well as hygiene and ensure that meat products are processed in hygienic conditions. We use special environmentally friendly sawdust from which all the glue and tar-containing substances have been extracted.  

  We comply fully with the stringent directives of the European Union.
  We are willing to incorporate your wishes and ideas.

BERBO The organic production of meat products

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