The 2006 National 

 Butchers Competition

Berbo Vleeswaren successfully participated in the National Butchers Competition that took place in Amsterdam. 
Prepared according to traditional methods, our products, some of which are rated as the best in all of the Netherlands, won numerous prizes.
Our absolutely delicious SAUERKRAUT CURED PORK reaped a gold medal.

And both the exquisite LEG OF HAM and finally our luscious CURED PORK won Silver.

All of the products that were crowned with medals bear testimony to the fact that BERBO Vleeswaren meat products are exceedingly tasty, 
have a most beautiful colour as well as a great appeal, and are a feast for the eyes. 
This recognition was obtained thanks to the indefatigable efforts of Berbo Vleeswaren specialists
who process these products according to traditional methods, while constantly maintaining our high quality standards.


A gold medal for our absolutely delicious SAUERKRAUT CURED PORK  



Silver for our Leg of Ham


Silver for our CURED PORK


The 2004 National  

 Butchers Competition

Smoked Sausage (fine), Gold

Our Smooth Smoke Sausage (fine), Certificate Gold

Our Smoked Bacon Sausage, Silver






Our Gammon, Silver

Our entire selection Our Cured Side of Pork, Silver
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